I made a group?

I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, and while there is a proprietary Glowforge discussion section (what you’re reading now) and a Facebook page, I couldn’t find a Facebook group for Glowforge owners. So I created one. Feel free to delete this if it’s inappropriate, and I know it’s a bit of a task to manage a group like this, so I’m willing to hand over the reigns to one of the Glowforge employees, but I wanted to create it as an owner (can’t wait for my pro model) more for it to be there before someone cyber squatted on it.

If someone from Glowforge will let me know I’ll add you as owner of the group. It’s called Glowforge Owners. We need a place on Facebook. In the meantime, feel free to join and we can be on the edge of our seats together.



Just fyi, see Dan’s post about a Facebook group don’t get me wrong, I use FB, a lot as well, I like the idea of a GF FB group.

Ya might want to make it the “unofficial” Glowforge owners (or something like that) until if/when GF decides to take over the page. But what do I know…

How do you filter it out so only “owners” have access to the facebook page? as the name implies.

“As most of you probably know all too well, the Glowforge page is pretty limited in what you can post, so hopefully this group will be very helpful.”

Was there a problem here?

I like the FB GF group. To become a member, I have two ideas, one would say to give referral link. As when clicked it will display your name and have that match the FB name. The other would be to send a PM or comment with your FB info although less Private as anyone can read the forms.