I made another thing using the Glowforge. NBD



Just finished watching the video.


Right on!!


“Go veneer shopping” added to the to do list.


I absolutely love your projects, I love your videos even more. Always informative, fun, and not too long. Keep being awesome!


Greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Great video and explanation. I watched it without sound at 2x speed and it was super easy to follow. I watched it a second time with sound at normal speed with sound to compare. Excellent production value, framing and editing.


Gorgeous! I love the blue painter’s tape tips–really helpful. And the oil/poly finish.


I definitely did learn several somethings! Great vid! :grinning:


Love the podcast, listen to it whilst I work and the videos are slick! :v::+1:


Great project. Tried signing up on Skill Share but came to a dead end.


As if you needed another excuse to buy more hardwood, huh? ha ha


Nice! The ole stacking method is a winner!


Hardwoods are like cockroaches… You turn your back for one second and they have multiplied. My workspace is becoming overrun.


Loved the disclaimer at the beginning! Keep up the great work!


Well you just got another subscriber: me! Video was great and the links will definitely be clicked!




wow amazing


Starfleet approved! :sunglasses:


As soon as I get my Glowforge Im starting a series called “Freggin Laser Beams” my my comedy chanel “Sam Can Do”

So excited!!!