I made some thematic gift boxes... it was fun

My coworker decided to buy a couple gifts for our bosses. One was a pair of socks with the image of sandals on them (he very much despises the act of wearing sandals over socks) and a bandolier for highlighters (this gift is based on the tendency of one of our bosses to throw highlighters and markers and pens around and typically without caps… he leaves a trail of where he has been)… I was responsible for designing and making gift boxes… what a fun first project on Giorgio (my glowforge)


I just got an error when I tried to click the link. You can upload the photos here directly if you like.

They look great! I love the one that looks like a crate.


It was in the cloud at first… I had to download the images and I just re uploaded

What a cute idea! Love the Weapons box! :smile:


Came out great! I suspect the bosses will prefer the boxes to what’s inside…