I made the Robotic Claw - Augmented Robotic Manipulator


So I bought and made the robotic claw. Learned a lot. I couldn’t find instructions so I made this video. Threading the string wasn’t easy.

How to Make a Laser Cut Robotic Claw


Amazing how much fun you can have making something that can be bought at the dollar store.

The added glow is when people ask where you got it and you can answer 'I Made It”.


Very nice job! Enjoyed the video. But did you know that instructions for each of the catalog designs are in the “…” button on the menu bar in the app?


Thanks, I made a simple pre-built file for momentum. I’m experiencing decision paralysis thus not executing my own designs. I did not know instruction location. I looked everywhere. Thank you!


Very nice! I purchased that design too, but haven’t made it yet - it looks good! :grinning:


Sorry you had to suffer through without the instructions … You did well!


You did well without the instructions. Came out nice. Looked like you knew what you were doing! :astonished:




Very cool. I also must ask who and what is the artwork in the background?