I Make Art With Science Magic And Fire

More stuff!! I recently made a plaque to be auctioned off at our family reunion. It’s two layers. First the photo that I edited with photo etching in mind (my first photo etch! There were so many little tests along the way!) and the second layer is a frame I drew for it. :slight_smile:

Yes that is a cat foot in the second photo… he’s helping me…

And then I picked up a new client just before this who lead to another client. Word of mouth advertising is not to be under estimated! Anyways, here’s the two jobs I did for them. Floss bobbins and stitch markers. The bobbin is also something I drew.

@deirdrebeth I died for a bit- root canal busted and I had to get a new one done and it was weeks of agony so I totally forgot to respond to this thread. Apologies! I’m so happy you got your shirt. How exciting! My minion Lily actually moved us to full length shirts- I’ll let her know they’re appreciated. :smiley:


I soooooooooo envy someone like you that can draw like that! Beautiful work!

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Ah thank you so much! It keeps me out of the husband’s hair for the most part. XD


nah. we’re talking videos!

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I’m #necrogame ing this thread, both because your art is gorgeous and more people should see it, but also to say I still wear my tshirt at least twice a month and it still looks fabulous!

Do you, or Lily, know where your were getting them printed? The few shirts I’ve had made are nowhere near the quality!


looks more like DTG than screen-print, but it’s incredibly hard to tell from a photo.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what the majority of the print-to-order places are using.

print to order will be using DTG, Sublimation, or (less often now) htv.
I can tell that it’s not htv. If the shirt is cotton, then it’s not sublimation.
DTG and Sublimation both last a long time and wear very well.

If you want, you can put your website on your profile and anyone can click it and find it there. I think they look great and my daughter is a big anime/manga fan and would love it.

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My problem being that the DTG company we’ve been using the stuff wears off WAY too quickly (like less than 6 wears), so there’s definitely a quality level. Since I know that this company does a fabulous job I’d love to try them, but I don’t know which they are. My other option is getting samples from a bunch…I was trying to shortcut :stuck_out_tongue:

I was given some sample prints from an AnaJet (which was since purchased by Ricoh) in 2016 that are still looking pretty darn good. They’ve been through a few dozen wash cycles. I’ve also been impressed by the lasting quality of the DTG and Sublimation prints done on Epson machines.
But this last weekend I was a vendor/sponsor at a truck show, and I was less than impressed with the show shirts, which were DTG although I don’t know the specific machine. There is also operator skill to consider: shirts need to be properly prepped for DTG, and that’s a step that can have some serious shortcuts in production, which translate to a low-quality product.


Finding out what system each company uses is a whole new line of research…I wonder if most even have that info available. Hmmmmm

I hear you about the prepping. I complained about one that literally failed in the first wash, and clearly someone who cared a touch more did the second since it lasted quite a bit longer…not long enough, but still noticeable.

Pre-treatment options… they are not all created equally!