I may be alone here but: ADHD, hyper focus, and External ventilation system

Sooo… The GF has now become my second most useful tool in my business. From etching nail polish bottles, to making custom displays and packaging. I now have a full work day week dedicated to it. However after adding the (extremely necessary) external inline fans that constantly run I find that my hyper focus kicks in an prints will be ready for 15-20 minutes before my brain cycles back around to it since I no longer have the audio cue of the loud ass fans slowing down at the end.

Anyone come up with a solution for this? An IFTTT? Arduino sensor? random Amazon gadget?
I’m all ears!

Thank you!

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If you have a smart speaker, you can yell at it “Alexa/Google, set an alarm for [ x ] minutes” when you start the job. I have an Echo Wall Clock which visually shows any voice-activated alarms/timers counting down which helps me notice when it’s getting close to done.


Not judging in ANY way, but if you’re THAT focused on doing something else, what happens if you get a flare-up inside the GlowForge? (Especially if it’s that critical to your business?) If you can’t hear the “singing” stop, would you hear a fire before the top glass shattered?

(Just happens to be related to a different topic from yesterday…)


That’s a fair question, however I’m roughly 2.5 feet from it and the light change and smell will catch my attention extremely quickly, had a small masking lift burnt other day to verify it LOL. Its a quirk of my particuar ADHD. It’s badly aggravated by sounds unless its medicated and then it turns them down quite a bit.
Now when I’m cutting circles… No issue what so every, she sings loud and proud and I’m 10000% certain its done with those LOL


Oh bingo! That’s the answer, I happen to have an unused Alexa I can set up! Thank you!