I mean



(clock solder electronics SEO junk words)


That’s crazy - in a good way…

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yes. yes indeed. would love to see a video of it working!!

holy smokes that is an epic amount of work.

No words. Wait, I have a project idea. It would be cool to do a project with a wood face and a PC board layout scored in it but the actual point to point wiring behind it. So it would look like components “soldered” to a wooden PC board.


that’s really cool.

but the “OMGit’s1997” web site makes me sad.


Well the clock is very retro so maybe the website is as well intentionally?

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This was in Make: magazine a few years ago. There was a link to a kit and instructions. Now if only I could find that issue…

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Freeform circuits or Dead Bug Prototyping! This is a rabbit hole and a half. That is one of the most extreme examples, but there are others out there that are also quite impressive in different ways.

Peter Vogel has some incredible work and is quite prolific: https://bitforms.art/artists/vogel

Headphone amplifier in cast resin: http://runawaybrainz.blogspot.com/2012/04/audio-crystal-cmoy-freeform-headphone.html

Eirek Brandal’s works tend to be noisy and more freeform. And gorgeous. http://eirikbrandal.com

Mohit Bhoite’s sculptures tend to the simpler side, featuring fantastic geometric elegance. https://www.bhoite.com/sculptures/

And the Arduino skeleton is really cool, too. https://hackaday.com/2011/03/31/pcbs-without-any-substrate/


I have always liked neat uniform circuitry, but never took the time to do that much. :grinning:

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