I Mustache You (Valentine's Day Cards)

I was planning on getting these designs finalized for listing on my Etsy shop… but I don’t currently have access to my Glowforge :cry: . My family and I are traveling for the next few months and didn’t have space for the Glowforge.

My plan was to make these out of 1/8" baltic birch - with each card having a pop-out mustache that kids can play with.

I can’t guarantee how they will cut out, as I haven’t tried it yet! If you do make these, I would love to see how they turn out!

This is what the design looks like

For personal use only

see attached design file:
mustache-cards-4-pack.svg.zip (56.9 KB)


These are cute, thanks for the share!


LOL These are great! “Wish you were hair” omg this would be hilarious for a bald friend of mine that always jokes about his hair.


Ha! That would be perfect :laughing:

We wanted to make some fun designs that kids would like to play with as well :man_shrugging:

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what hair? LOL

Soooo cute :relaxed: Thank you!

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Great cards! I love the pop out stash idea. Thanks for the share and ill think of you when i do some of these. Ill even hug my Forge for you.


Very cute! Sorry you didn’t get a chance to cut them in time for Valentine’s this year!

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:laughing: thanks! I’ve been missing tinkering.

Cute, Thank you!

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Jeffrey Dahmer would absolutely pick the first card. Double-entendre bonus points throughout its entire message. :+1: :clap:

Back to the meat of this topic, is the cut-out a continuous line? Might be helpful to design a 1-2mm break at the handle bottom and in the gap’s place a bridging line meant to be a score (partial cut). I haven’t had an opportunity to dissect the zip file to examine.

Yes, it is a continuous line. I have a test file I was working on where I had added some tiny connector lines so it didn’t cut all the way out… I wasn’t sure how thick this needed to be so it would hold yet still pop out. I meant to experiment with this, but as I say… My glowforge is not available at the moment.

Maybe there is some information I could find on the forums.

I use 1mm breaks in the line when I’m making flat-pack pop-out things. I usually put 3 or 4 around the pop-out.


Awesome. Thanks for the information! I’ll try this when I get a chance!