I just got my glowforge and I am testing it. So far it does not recognize the PGM they sent me and it is not cutting all the way even at full power. What am I missing? Do I have to set it for 2 and 3 passes? all the ads show it cutting like butter that I thought you put in your design, you choose engrave, cut or score and voilá! but so far is 3 for 3 fails at cutting a 5" x 5" square with the quote.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? are there tutorials on how to cut?

Thank you in advance for the help :slight_smile:


You have found it. I knew nothing of lasers or design when I wandered in here and it was this community that damaged my ignorance.

The QR code on proofgrade is really just for the beginner’s benefit. The upper left of the user interface has a search box, just start typing in the material and the choices are presented. As your experience grows you will rely on them less and less, and begin to formulate and save settings for a particular material/effect.

If you printed “the gift of good measure” and it didn’t cut through support will ask for pictures of the front and back to judge the operation of your machine. That file has engraving, scoring and cutting, so they can see all aspects of the machine’s behavior. You would want to post those pictures along with a description of what you have tried in “Problems and Support” where a post there opens a support ticket.

To answer your question, with the material recognized the settings are auto-populated and you shouldn’t have to do multiple passes to cut through. After cutting, without allowing the work to move, you can use a piece of tape to see if the cut lifts out. If not, you could then do a second pass just to avoid wasting material.

Make that post in P&S, and support will get with you and evaluate your machine. :+1:


Yes. It is linked at the end of the setup process:

If your machine is not operating correctly, however, you need to open a ticket as suggested above, and get it addressed promptly. It is not normal to have to adjust settings or number of passes, and you want that addressed before the warranty expires.

My machine will be three years old later this year, and still cuts perfectly using default settings.


Thank you Elfy :slight_smile:
Will look at the tutorials and send a ticket asap.

[quote=“PrintToLaser, post:2, topic:65900”]
You have found it. I knew nothing of lasers or design when I wandered in here and it was this community that damaged my ignorance.
[/quote] LOL!! loved this one :rofl:

Your info has been through all and what I needed. Thank you.
I did get it to cut with with on pass by watching a youtube video where it shows setting it at 140 speed. Still a lot to learn, but my ignorance is less today than it was yesterday :smile: :two_hearts:


Great! Keep after it, it gets easier!
The design software is where I hit a wall. Once you have the fundamentals of your design program down and you know how to make the machine do what you want - the horizon begins to widen, until the only limit is your imagination! :crazy_face:

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damn thats a great line.


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