I need glue advice please

Not Glowforge at all, but I am hoping you can suggest something that will work. The short question is what will glue plastic to something rubbery? I have textured (rough file / tip of knife) both surfaces so they have texture for the glue to grab. I have tried the super stuff and Gorilla Clear Bonds Virtually Everything and Gorilla Clear Grip Contact Adhesive. All come apart with the barest pressure.

The saga:
I have a toothpaste dispenser, a $10 thingy from Amazon that keeps me from getting carpal tunnel and / or losing the top from my toothpaste. My favorite brand of toothpaste decided for some reason to make their tip larger than average, so now it doesn’t fit in any dispenser that I have been able to find. Not to worry - I make stuff! I carved out a hole in the rubber of the toothpaste dispenser that will allow the new larger tube to fit. It works, but wobbles. So when that one finally broke after about 3 years, I decided to come up with something better. I ordered a new identical toothpaste dispenser, cut the lid of the toothpaste cap to just the part that screws to the tube, textured both sides (rough file / stabbing with a pointy knife), followed directions for time / clamping, but I can’t get the glue to stay stuck. Any suggestions on what might work?
Sadly, I can’t make the internal workings of this on my Glowforge :frowning:

Gorilla’s original glue foams a lot but has a slightly flexible hold that inspired their name. It will foam to take up the space available but has held even in very difficult situations ( like when I made a new grate that the old one broke from running a power chair over it. and holding the wood to metal, even as it is run over more)

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An oldie-but-goodie web site: http://thistothat.com/cgi-bin/glue.cgi?lang=en&this=Plastic&that=Rubber


If it doesn’t mate perfectly (there’s a little room between parts) I’d use Sugru - it’s air cures into a silicone rubber and sticks to everything except plastic wrap. Comes in different colors and it’s moldable, you could probably sculpt a new rubbery tube dispenser thingy.


Or you could go with good ol’ Dap Weldwood contact cement. Apply to both surfaces and allow to dry completely before introducing the two parts. Be careful aligning them, because when you put them together, they’re NOT coming apart. (It’s like rubber cement on steroids)


+1 for Sugru


Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. I knew y’all were smarter than me!
I had Barge on hand so tried that first. From it’s complete refusal to stick to my “rubbery bit” I think I am actually dealing with silicone.
Now where did I put my Sugru…


Here is a chart I have posted behind my glowforge.
It has not let me down yet…


This is useful for so much more than GF projects. Thanks.

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