I need help from support

I posted on the forum on Monday that my machine was purple and won’t cut. Several responses were posted (thank you to the owners who responded) yesterday I received a response on the original post from Chelsea at Glowforge that she emailed me for details as this is a fatal error on my machine yet I RECEIVED NO EMAIL AND SUPPORT WILL NOT RESPOND TO MY EMAIL!!!

Is this the kind of support for a VERY expensive piece of equipment?? If so, this is a sin! Someone better call or email me!

They typically email at the same time as closing the thread, are you sure the email did not get filtered out as spam?

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They seem to regularly have issues getting spam filtered. I’m sure they will pop in here to find out where the E-mail has gotten and to try and find a method to get in contact with you. They always have in the past for others.

editorial thought. After 4 years this really should be a solved problem where someone has sorted out how to get off the black lists. Companies I have worked with have changed hosting providers over this happening less frequently to them. E-mail is a tool of business and as the primary/frequently only support communication method it should be as important to glowforge as keeping the power on.


Hi @kmmrdms37021,

You’ve let us know that the email arrived to a different folder in your inbox. Since we’re communicating directly in email, I’m going to close this thread.