I need help on a simple design

I have been working on this simple problem and I cant seem to get it right. I’am creating this design on Illustrator. I’ve attached a photo of what I’

m trying to accomplish.

Any help will be greatly appriciated


I swear this exact thing was asked a while back. Let’s see if I can dig it up.


So I can’t find it … but good news, this is a pretty simple project. Why don’t you tell us what software you use and then one of us who knows that software can give you direct steps.


Here you go. You can do the score with the red.



I would just use the GF UI, add my text with whatever font I wanted, then use the UI’s outline tool. Is that not what you are trying to accomplish? If you want them close, do the “1” and the “2” separately and move them as close as you want.

The interface is not free correct?

Thank You. Can you tell me the steps to do this in Illustrator?

The UI is free, the premium features (e.g., text, etc.) are not free outside of the premium trial period. You didn’t state that you are not a premium subscriber, and I guess I assumed you were - my apologies. Regardless, it looks like someone else has solved your problem. Happy forging.

Anybody can give me a step by step using Illustrator?

Not near my computer right now, but I’ll try:

Make your number in the font you like.

Use Type>make outlines to convert it from a font to editable vectors.

Use ctrl-c to copy, and then ctrl-b to paste in place behind.

Change the color of the new back layer to red fill with a red stroke. Adjust the strok accordingly.

Use path>expand to expand the stroke, then pathfinder>unite. Depending on the numbers you may have to release compound path.

Finally, flip the fill to empty and the stroke to red. You should have your outline and your numbers, each assignable to a different operation in the GFUI.

  1. Type out black text
  2. Convert text to outlines (cmd/ctrl+shift+O)
  3. Select text shapes and offset desired amount (menu bar/object/path/offset)
  4. Change STROKE color of resulting offset to any other color
  5. Set FILL color resulting offset to none
  6. Select all the shapes and copy to clipboard (cmd/ctrl C)
  7. Paste via keyboard shortcut to your GF dashboard screen - the one with the design thumbnails, not the workspace with settings and photo of the bed.

Oops, @jbv beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yours is different. Different ways are good. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Sorry I don’t use that program. I used inkscape.

Thank you so much!

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Thank you

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