I need help with AI and getting things to join

I am new to ai but have put in the time to do many tutorials. I am trying to create my new logo and it is killing me. Everything looks fine on screen until I upload it to Glowforge. I want the writing separate so for small items I can delete it. I want the rest of the design to stay as a group but it won’t. I have tried to create it differently with cuts an so on bu again newbie and I must be missing something. If I try to scale I have to make sure I have both pieces and I’m trying to do several at a time.
I would love it if someone could fix this for me but more importantly what’s my problem and what do I do to correct this? Thanks

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Are you 100% sure the 2 cut sections are exactly the same colour? Cuz colour is how GF splits things - also vector vs raster, but presumably that’s the same.

Did you change the text to outlines?

same color

I included my files if that helps. I don’t have a problem with the words.

Just checking here, you know if you cut the “CD” part you will end up with an hole or circle then the C and D as loose pieces. Is that what you are going for?

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The reason the flower head is coming up separate is those paths have both a stroke and fill, instead of just a stroke like the stem and leaves.

As @nancielaing mentioned, if you cut it as shown, you will end up with just a hole for the flower head. I imagine that’s not what you want.

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To keep your design together, put a bounding box or shape around it, something like this:


When you’re in the GFUI, just “ignore” the bounding shape.

Also, you had overlapping lines between the C and D shapes in the flower, so I deleted the extras.

Finally, you’ll want “score” instead of cut (the GFUI will default to cut but you can change it).


See if that helps any. Good luck


I played with your logo. It depends on what you want engraved and what you want cut.
Creative%20choice%20design%20logo1 Creative choice design logo2.ai (142.2 KB)


here are the SVG files. The red line should be cut and all the black set to engrave!
You could also choose to ignore the red cut lines when you just want to engrave all of it.

Creative%20choice%20design%20logo1 Creative%20choice%20design%20logo2
You can delete the words and save the file as a different name for the no text one.


Thanks so much. I will have to try later today.

Happy Cakeday @hansepe! :cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake:


I want to be able to score this for small items like jewelry.

Score is the way a vector line is printed instead of cutting. It is a thin line.
Engrave is for raster images and for vector fills.
I made the black parts as the vector fill. The red lines can be set to cut or score or ignore.
Since the design is all vector not raster, it can be scaled and maintain its sharpness.


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