I need help with this file

i keep getting a “file too large or complex” error. how can i fix this? i have tried the split image method and got the same error.

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Kind of depends on what you’re doing. Your words are filled in and also have stroke, so I can’t tell if you’re cutting or engraving.

If you want to engrave them with a border, I’d say rasterize it and engrave the raster.

We’d have to see the actual paths you have and know more details about your intent to give much better advice. (On my phone so cant look at the details, sorry)

I am seeing a design element that is 13x17 inches.
The 17 is allowed but the height needs to be about 10.625 or will be off the allowed page.
Reports were you could go up to like 10.95, but whenever I went past 10 5/8 it always took too long to find the sweet spot that the UI liked
Try this one in ZIP file
test-2.zip (10.5 KB)

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Aside from the things above mentioned - that error is almost always because it exceeds the current job length limitations (around 3’ish hours). What settings are you using?

Speed and LPI are the two primary factors (aside from the obvious size of design) that can impact the length of an engrave.


thank you everyone. we took a little of everyone’s advice and it is still running at 3.5 hours. I intend to engrave the body and cut the perimeter 10.625 x 17.
i am using 1/16 thick red on white acrylic from inventables https://www.inventables.com/technologies/red-on-bright-white-laserable-acrylic-sheet
the settings i was using are from the spreadsheet
however, they do not appear to be working on a smaller file i tried for a test. meaning the engrave isn’t cutting through the top layer and it does not cut all the way through. I ran some tests this morning and I am getting close on the settings(on the smaller file). I hope it works on the full nameplate.
thank you again for your help and advice.

K, give these a try. I’ve done alot of the 2 color acrylic that is 1/16th thick for faceplates.
These are Pro settings:
Engrave: 700 @ 20 power
Cut: 200 @ 80 power


thank you Goose! after a test run, i figured out i need to remove the protective plastic covering to get a good engrave.

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finished product using the settings Goose laid out with 2 passes.

thank you all


Thank you for the help everyone. I’m glad to see you posted the finished product, @KLieb007!