I no longer have my mental health…

Can someone please tell me why my GF hates me? It was complaining quite loudly that the air assist needed cleaning so naturally I obliged…. Now it is REFUSING to cut through surfaces in some areas. I do set focus before each print.

I did the lenses and the mirror as well and it is working worse than it was before I cleaned my GF……


It could very well be your material.

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If you removed the air-assist fan to clean it, are you sure you didn’t reinstall it backwards (with the fan blowing toward the back of the machine)?


(or the fan itself upside-down…)


When putting the main lens back, remember “cup side up” it works terribly when upside down.


At some point, they started engraving an arrow on the side to show which way is up, but I’ve never seen that officially documented.

Regardless, if the lens was inserted incorrectly, they entire bed area would be affected, not just some parts of it.


I’ve had that problem as well before but it is in correctly this time! Thanks!

The opening on the little metal thing is pointing towards the front of the machine, thanks!

I’m going to double check……

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