I pre-ordered, but bank told me max 1500 EUR per day


I just ordered my Glowforge Pro, but…

There’s an issue. I just had a talk to my bank, and they don’t allow online payments over 1500 EUR. I can pay for it, but not all at once. I would have to pay 1500 EUR today, 1500 EUR tomorrow, etc…

My credit card has already been declined because of this, but Paypal was successful. I think though since you haven’t charged my credit card yet it will fail at some point.

Now, is there a way for me to make a bank transfer or you charge my credit card differently?

It’s so stupid, I have the money but can’t send it to you because of their regulations.

Hope you can get back to me soon.

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Ok so I talked to my bank. The problem is that my card is directly tied to my bank account as a Debit card.

I would need a credit card, so I’m going to have to use my other card.

They already told me the transactions have been declined, but I haven’t received any info from glowforge.

How can I change my credit card in the payment?

And just so I don’t make a new topic for this, will I be able to receive an invoice for my company for the order?

You could also theoretically load up your Paypal account over three successive days, then just pay via Paypal (don’t forget your $100 off link if you don’t already have one http://bit.ly/1JjtH2d).

That only works in USA with a bank account I would have to opened there (but cant), as far as I know. I can’t do it from a card.

Ok I had a talk with the other bank for my other card. Visa debit allows a maximum of 3000 EUR per day anywhere. I don’t know about USA but it’s like that here in my country maybe whole EU, I don’t know.

I would LOVE to order the Pro. The basic model is no use to me. But with the limited payment options from Glowforge I just can not order it. I have more then enough money to pay for the Pro and the absurd shipping charged by Fedex, but just can’t send you the money.


Now what I could do in theory, but for this I need an answer from a Glowforge representative:

Can I order a basic model and upgrade it after you first charge my credit card?

The Basic model + Shipping would cost me $2971.25 = 2636.13 Euro
You charge my credit card for the amount above
I then upgrade my Glowforge
UPGRADE: Basic to Pro + Air Filter + shipping would cost me $2747.19 = 2437.68 Euro
And you charge the amount above

Is this a possibility? But as of now you still haven’t even tried to charge my credit card on Paypal.

A good question here is also do you take Visa Electron through Stripe? Or will I have to go through verification of my card on Paypal, I’m gonna be cutting it close

Also how the heck will I do all this? I don’t want to cancel my order and wait till end of 2016 to get my Glowforge, because I’ll be in the back line.

I hope you Glowforge understands all the trouble I’m going through here to buy your product. I’m spending a good part of my day just talking to banks for options and am going to have to open an account at a bank for just 1 month to get that stupid 3000 EUR daily limit which will cost me around 100 EUR after I close it.

A lot of people HAVE the money to buy it, but not a way to pay you because of bank restrictions.


So I’ve managed to find a way to do it. It’s something like you suggested jrnelson.

I’ll actually be writing a post about it to help anyone else get their Glowforge if they have the same problems as me.

The question is now just, when will my Paypal be charged?

It’s gonna take me a couple of days to fill up my card so I can send the money in one shot.

POST LINK: How I managed to order without a credit card

But got hidden as spam because I was fixing some typos and edited it a couple of times. The window for writing posts in is really small :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways a mod has to look at it to approve it.

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Unflagged it for you!

Your paypal account should be charged as soon as you pay for it. And yes, you should be able to buy a basic, then upgrade to pro as a separate transaction.

Really appreciate the effort you are going to in order to make this work! Your excitement (and everyone else here) is a big part of what has us excited every day about delivering Glowforge to you.