I received my email


I received my email last night at 10:00EST, to accept my GFP!!! I can wait, feeling like this day would never come… I think I need to start getting some projects lined up… Thank You GF!!! I’m overly excited!!!

Ordered 10-15-15, @ 15:11


Congrats! I think we’re gonna enjoy this.


That’s great!!!


Congrats! :grinning:


Definitely have ramped up the Pro assembly line … haven’t seen much evidence of Basics becoming available for a week now. OUR TURN NOW I HOPE! Oct 15 Basic order … :glowforge::sunglasses:


Happy cakeday @UrJac.

Congrats @blindsay0608!


Is that for my GlowForge anniversary (certainly not my birthday)? I didn’t even know when that was. Thanks!


Actually it’s the date you joined the forum. Which might be the day you pre-ordered, but not necessarily.


Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!