I received my magical email on January 1st


I have already received my Proofgrade materials, but I don’t see a tracking number for the Pro itself. Am I going to get that a day or two before it arrives (like the materials) or when it leaves, same day?



Sign up for UPS My Choice. It usually warns you of impending Glowforge delivery a day or two before Glowforge gets around to sending out a tracking number.


I am right there with you. I am worried I will come home from work to my long awaited Pro that has been dumped by UPS! I signed up for the UPS My Choice service but have no clue if it will work correctly. Hope someone from Glowforge can help with this.


I just signed up for UPS My Choice but I’m not sure what to expect to happen. When my unit gets shipped to the address I have listed in MyChoice, it’ll send me an email or something?

Thanks guys!


Check the option that has them email you when a shipment is prepared (or transmitted) - that will be when Flex prints your labels for your boxes. Then sign up for all the other options so you can get alerted as it leaves the shipping dock, gets into one or more distribution centers before finally arriving at yours to be scheduled for delivery.

You can also check the UPS calendar in there and see if you have anything scheduled over the next couple of weeks.


Thanks so much - I got signed up and set up!



Nobody told me that the proofgrade maple smelled so good when it was cutting… An altogether pleasant discovery!


Some people hate the smell. But to me the maple smells like toasting marshmallows over a campfire. :slight_smile: