I Sent an Email Over a Week Ago For Support and no Response

I am not trying to complain but I ordered some supplies off the site UPS lost the order and I have been trying to get in contact with someone for the last week. Some form of being able to at least be acknowledged would be nice. Right now I am really frustrated because I can’t get any answers from UPS because they say the customer they answer to is you and I can’t get hold of anyone at Glowforge about the order and that leaves me just out of my money and my supplies. there is no phone number and multiple emails with no response make you feel like you really don’t matter. I love my Glowforge but right now its a huge paperweight. Please set up a call center or something that is responsive to your customers. This is frustrating.


If you didn’t receive the acknowledgement message from the e-mail-based support system, you’ll want to check your spam filter. If it’s not there, something must have gone wrong. Now that you have this case open here you should get a response.


Thanks for letting us know about this.

We sent you a response to your request last week but it looks like it didn’t arrive. I’m so sorry!

I’ve followed up again, can you please let me know if you’ve received it? If not we’ll follow up with next steps.

Thank you. I really do appreciate you getting back to me. I was just getting frustrated with not being able to connect with someone and UPS is not very helpful. Again thank you!!!

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