I think I found my Glowforge table


Just wondering what y’all think. Here’s a link, and photo is below.

It’s actually a TV stand. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a very short cart with locking wheels that I could put the filter plus Glowforge on and not have to stand on my tippy-toes to work in the machine. Weight capacity 150 lbs (filter + pro is 80 lbs), dimensions 17.4" H x 47.24" W x 19.69" D. I know it’s a little short in depth but maybe I could attach a board on top if the GF won’t fit (21" depth). Price right now is $112 with free shipping.


What to put the Glowforge on?
Glowforge table
I wasn’t prepared for this
Has anyone found a nice Glowforge-sized cart?

I’ve been having trouble finding something with appropriate depth as well (that I like).



We had to build one. :frowning: That one looks nice though.

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My new Glowforge table, well it will be when I build it.



If you’re getting the Pro, you’ll want to think about in/outfeed roller tables as well to handle the materials you’re feeding through the pass-through.

Stainless steel restaurant prep tables are similar in price at many restaurant supply shops - especially if you’ve got a used equipment dealer near you. You can slap a cow on one of those so dropping a GF on top won’t be an issue at all. You usually don’t need to be a restaurant or even own a business but you will likely need to have a truck or van to take it home with you.



Based on the looks, I’m not sure I’d trust it with a full 150 lbs. 80 lbs maybe. But I’d also be concerned that it will be too wobbly. I can’t say for sure but I’d have some concern about that.



Here is one with a depth of 22"



It’s really lovely but about 4x my budget. Plus it’s nearly 40" high. But I’d love to have one just for the drawers. :smile:



I guess I’ll find out. I decided to order one!



I did look at some of those but didn’t see any that were low enough for my needs. Good thought though!



Nice, bit on the expensive side but lots of drawers to hold materials. Might clash with the office furniture a bit. :slight_smile:

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Hmm. Am I going to need one table for stationary, one for moblie?

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I’m planning a single table with heavy duty locking casters. I want to be able to move it away from the wall easily so I can use the pass through slot. That’s an additional advantage of having the filter - the machine isn’t tethered to the exhaust hose going out the window or wall.



Here is my GF table! I found this sheet of metal in the garage at my old place.

It’s 28" x 48" x 1/4". I was thinking about drilling holes in it and adding legs, but I’m also kind of feeling a wood frame that I set it into.



holes and drilling down should help make it flatter than any sitting on edge might have warped, though that could just be photography.



You knew you could use it for something! Looks like a perfect choice.
If you plan a permanent assembly, construction adhesive (liquid nails for example) would secure it without drilling.

Your plan to just set it on the surface would probably work fine.
I have always been a fan of mechanical fasteners, and would probably drill and countersink for flat head screws so they are flush with the surface.



Just moved into a new apartment. This is the desk I made (well, I made the top). It’ll double as my editing suite for my photography, but you get the idea. :slight_smile:



Nice color finish man!
The fit with that rounded edge makes it look like it grew there… only one problem - it’s entirely too clean.
Get busy child!

You got the pro right? Wondering how the venting might work for you. I’ll wager you scrutinized the lease for (laser) prohibitions.



Oh, I’m workin on it!! :smiley:

I actually got the basic (long story). But I’ll be moving the desk near a window when the laser comes. :smiley:



I think that’s the picture. It was sitting on a table for the last year at least. I just have it standing up on end like that until I figure out what’s going on in the new place and make a place for it.

That said, I’ve been having some new ideas… Since the metal is the cool part of this new table, I might make a double-wide table with wood on 1/2 and this metal on the other 1/2. The GF will sit on the wood 1/2 and the metal 1/2 will be my workbench. No sense covering up this awesome steel plate, even with something so beautiful as the Forge. This assumes that I have the room for a table this big which depends entirely on someone else. :frowning: