I think I'm getting the hang of this


I got my first order of ProofGrade Walnut plywood and put this design together for a gift. I’m really happy how it turned out! PG materials really are super easy to work with.


Whoa, that is really cool!


Thanks! Also… in full disclosure, I paid for the prayer design, found it here for $5. Not bad…


Nice, I’ve been buying more stock art myself. It’s inexpensive and way better quality compared to trying to do it myself.


Yeah… I agree! I am not that good of a graphics artist, so anything I can find really helps. That laser template site has a lot of good designs.


Nice! I enjoy doing typography based designs too!


I’ll check it out. I use creative market. Just for registering they offer 6 free designs (their choice) every week.


Great resource and thanks for sharing! I found some nice bookmark designs for $8 and just got done making them. I used a walnut veneer from Amazon, 6 sheets for $18 which isn’t bad at all. I’m guessing I can cut about 9-10 per sheet. The wood is about 1.6mm thick (1/16 inch) and a tiny bit warped, but I think it will be fine if I lay it under something heavy for a day.


Ha, I love the “marked” bookmark. You’re welcome!