I think it works for Glowforgers, too


well…maybe it doesn’t reduce pain and inflammation…and not always for a pet, either…but I think it is good therapy.


One of my dogs used to get laser therapy once a week. Class 4 laser, so he had to wear safety goggles, appropriately named Doggles.


It’s the “Men in Black” new assistant. “I make this look good”



Ocara always wore them when she went skydiving :smile:


I admire her spunk…wouldn’t catch me jumping out of a perfectly good plane. :smile:



She actually holds the world’s record for height (or at least did in the early 2000’s). I think she first set it at 32,000 feet and then they went up from there – she’s tandem jumped from much higher altitudes than I have. :grimacing:
Never dreamed what was in store for her when I watched her being born and then played with her as a roly-poly puppy,


Rand, that’s utterly amazing.
Xabbess, I love that pic!


That dog needs a sidecar, or a Morgan.


We always thought a biplane would suit him best. :joy: