I think something got sucked up into the intake fan

I just moved my Glowforge forward a few inches so I could use the passthrough. What I believe happened since is that there were little bits of wood that were on the desk and subsequently got sucked up into the “intake fan”??? front - right corner. I heard the machine “suck something up” - at least that’s what it sounded like and then the fan started making weird noises. It sounds like the fan is hitting on something. I’ve tried vacuuming the bottom of the machine, but it’s still making the sound.
Question 1 : Will this hurt the machine if I can’t get it out?
Question 2: Any suggestions on how to get it out or any other thoughts on what it could be?

With the machine off, try positioning the Glowforge so that the right front corner extends over the table holding the Glowforge. With a flashlight, look up into the fan and see if you can see anything stuck to any of the fan blades. Can you see anything stuck to the fan housing that may be impeding the blades when they turn?

If you can’t see anything that may be causing the problem, slide your Glowforge back into position and turn it back on. Do you still hear something coming from the front?


Thank you! I actually hadn’t vacuumed out the intake fan. I only vacuumed the little circle in front of the intake fan (which I thought was the intake fan). I pulled the GF out a bit more and vacuumed the actual fan and all seems well. Thank you so much for replying. You have relieved a tremendous amount of stress.


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