(I thought) My Glowforge was happy again - UPDATE

I hope I don’t jinx it by writing this (fingers crossed), but my “stuck in calibration” issue may have resolved itself tonight. I followed these instructions I found in another thread:

  • With power off, open lid
  • Move print head to center of tray
  • Apply power
  • Keep lid open for about 10 minutes
  • Close lid
  • Voilà, GF successfully calibrated

I did a brief test print on cardboard and it came out fine. I would test more, but the wife is sleeping and the GF is a tad noisy.

Hopefully others will have success with these steps.


Don’t let this quote leak without context…




I was wondering if anyone was going to catch that. LOL :grin:


So, this AM, after the wife was up and out of the house, I got the GF turned-on again. :grin:

Here’s what I have observed.

  1. I have to first move the print head manually somewhere near the center of the tray prior to power-up. Otherwise, I will be forever stuck in Calibration Hell.
  2. Keeping the lid open during power-up has no effect.
  3. After completing a print job, the bed image does not refresh when I remove my print and re-close the lid. However, the print status on the GFUI shows as Ready.
  4. If I press the Print button again, I get the dreaded message:

We’re sorry, an error occurred while preparing this print.

Error: FATAL_PRINT_ERROR: MOTION_PLANNING_ERROR Error: Bad response from server for /api/prints VYW-982

  1. I have to power down and start back at step 1 if I want to print again.

so… Yay?? :roll_eyes:

This is similar to what happened to me before my unit had to be replaced. Support will have to respond, but it’s likely that if calibration is not consistent and it can’t be fixed remotely, they will want to replace the unit. You can continue to use whatever workaround you have in the interim.

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Just as you predicted, I have been contacted by Vee to get a replacement unit. I’m sad to have to get my little GF replaced, but I’m grateful that the folks at Glowforge have been so responsive.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.