I Voted


If you are voting tomorrow or you voted early…

Actual SVG below.


Much nicer than the stickers they hand out at the polling places. :sunglasses::+1:


Very good. Cast your vote and honor the sacrifice of all our veterans. :us:


That is one sticker I would not forget to remove from my clothing before putting in the wash. Thanks for the lovely design!


One draw back to vote by mail (or dropping off in ballot boxes) is no more stickers…
So might need to make a sign–with back side “have you?” (and no date, so can use until it wears out!).


I’m a little jealous of the early-voting stickers from Alaska.


Jesse, you’re an artist…that’s something that you could easily do…work up something cute and offer it to each state. (Go man…get busy, you need to come up with 51 state oriented designs before the next election and get it marketed first!)
Time’s a wasting!


I got a sticker with my mail-in ballot, and they let me take another when I dropped it off.

You definitely got the short end of the stick(ers) :disappointed:


Maybe because WA now pays the postage for our mail-in ballots, they can’t afford the stickers, too?

I’ll just wear a smug look of superiority instead. :wink:

Or really, the look of one having proudly participated in our hard-won right for Democracy.




Thanks! Oddly enough Virgin Islanders are US Citizens but can’t vote for anyone other than our Governor and local senators…