I want one of these just to play with!


It looks like a lovely piece that is really well made. Pricey though!


yeah, it’s cool, but i’m not sure it’s $100 cool.


So it just draws circles?

The design is really nice though.

Nope. You still have to do the drawing. It just provides guidance. :wink:


I would love to have one to put on my desk, but as I watched the video and they used different colored pens, it looked to me like a really boring spirograph. :slight_smile:

Although the ability to make a wooden iris was one of the reasons I bought the Glowforge (I still haven’t made one).


I’d have loved to have one back in my college engineering design graphics days, when I had to draw precisely-sized circles without leaving any visible trace of stopping/starting points or letting my line width vary by even a nanometer, while trying to keep the circle template from smudging my work (assuming my circle template had the circle size I needed) or avoiding puncturing the paper with my compass…this looks like it would have made my life 'way easier!


precise, repeatable circles. Doesn’t depend on the tip of of a pencil to maintain the correct diameter in the way that a traditional compass does. The price and finish put it in the Drafting category of art tool for me. I wouldn’t buy one, but I would be happy to receive one.


For someone who has everything already; it could look very impressive but would have to be bigger like perhaps a foot in diameter. A great thing to incorporate into a graphics arts or design award.

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