I want to reuse the Hexagon coasters

I love the hexagon coasters. I’ve designed a bunch and now I’d like to design more, without deleting my previous designs. Is there a “save as” function? Or a way to reopen the hexagons without losing my previous designs?

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Hello and welcome to the forum! If its a Glowforge coaster design, you can’t save them…only if you use the coasters you designed yourself can you save them. What design app are you using? Try your hand at making your own hexagon coasters and adding your text / artwork. Then you can save them in the UI as many times as you wish. Best of luck.


I haven’t worked much with GF designs, but I believe you can just add more artwork and ignore the previous artwork. It’ll get a bit messy after a couple different designs though, so I’d follow the advice above and figure out how to make your own hex design.

Also also. Welcome to the community! :smiley:


Thank you all! I was hoping to avoid making my own file, but that’s what I’ll do!


Here you go! just give me design credit if you sell them (jk)


Good for you in making the file. What design software do you use? With just a little work, you would be able to make a design faster than you could post a new topic! Inkscape has a great polygon tool that’s very versatile.


Welcome to the forum @jamochasoup! It looks like our community has already taken care of you. Thank you @Xabbess for the help and thank you @rbtdanforth for the design, how kind of you! I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions please feel free to open another thread or reach out to us and support@glowforge.com.

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