I want to see past prints on multiple computers

Hello, my husband and I share a GF account, but we have our own computers. I was hoping to be able to pull up his past prints on my computer, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Is this possible?

Thank you!

I think they’re tied to the user, not the computer. You’d have to be logged in as him to see his past prints.

But we share a user account! And actually, I’m not able to pull up past prints on his computer either, as I just discovered.

That doesn’t make sense…the app is totally Web-based, so it shouldn’t matter what computer you’re on.

Are there past prints, for sure? If you open the lid too soon, it doesn’t get saved.

My default goto when things get wonky in the app is to clear the browser cache, so give that a try.

There are for sure past prints, we printed a bunch yesterday. I figured it was all web-based, and so shouldn’t make a difference, but they aren’t showing up…
On his computer, the link to Past Prints is not greyed out, but it keeps saying “You have not printed this design yet…”, despite the bed being empty, and no artwork uploaded.
On my computer, the link to Past Prints is greyed out and I can’t do anything with it!

I cleared the cache, to no avail.

If you don’t leave the lid closed long enough after a job finishes, it doesn’t have time to record the “past print,” so you won’t have one saved for that job. Try waiting a little longer before opening the lid after each print, to give it time to save.

I’ll make sure to do that, thank you. Though, they did show up in the list last night, so I don’t understand what’s going on.

Are you looking for previously printed files/projects or the new and somewhat confusingly named “past prints” function that shows you prior versions of a file?

This! I am looking for previously printed projects…in the confusingly named “past prints”! So, is there some way to see the previously printed files, or do I just need to export each project? I did see in the newsletter that exporting with settings is now a thing. But, I’m seriously brand new to this, and don’t quite have a handle on all the functionality.

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All the files you’ve uploaded will be on your “dashboard”. :slight_smile:
If you go to the app (https://app.glowforge.com/), you’ll see the dashboard title at the top and if you click it, you’ll see everything.

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So it is! The one I’m looking for isn’t there…because I think my husband just kept the dashboard open, deleted what was on there, and started a new project. So, what I’m looking for has the correct name, but the incorrect picture! Thank you for your help.


Thanks, everyone! I’m going to close this thread - if any problems come up, go ahead and post a new topic.

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