I was so busted :-P (AKA feel good story)

So hubby and I were out shopping today and we drove by TAP Plastic. Sweet hubby says we should go in as it’s been awhile since we stopped by and I must be getting low on acrylic. Gee, sure, I might could use some more acrylic…yeah, it’s been a while… :roll_eyes:

As soon as we walk in the nice young clerk exclaims, “Ahh, you’re here! I’ve been saving something for you all week!” He runs to the back and comes out with a 15"x18" sheet of pearlescent acrylic. :crazy_face: :scream: :blush: He then goes on to tell hubby they all know how much I covet the pearl stuff and this was a returned sample. They immediately thought of me, didn’t cut it for scrap and wanted to give it to me. Then the owner comes out and starts chatting away about the project she showed me last week. All the while hubby is giving me the squinty side eye lol :smirk:

Then I find a whole load of orange and blue transparent scrap in the bin. This stuff doesn’t show up often so I end up just buying it all. All in all I bought 100-ish 7"x10" pieces. I had a few larger pieces custom cut as well and I had $160 in material, not counting the free $30+ piece of pearl. The owner catches the amount and reminds the clerk I get bulk discounting and she corrects his pricing. I walked out of there with all this gorgeous stuff for $80. :star_struck:

I aint gonna lie, I love the great deals and these folks cut me big breaks every time I go in. More than that though, I just so uplifting to deal with honest, kind folks, even if they do rat me out to hubby :heart:


That’s great! Nice people are still around. I also love to gift away free stuff to motivated and creative projects. It can spark great things. I hope you make some beautiful projects with it!


Bwahahahaha! Busted! I hope you make something cool for those nice folks.


Too funny! It’s great when you can inspire a business to contribute to your success.


Sounds like a really sweet husband! (Lucky me … I have one like that too!) Now if we only had TAP Plastic here!

The Pearlescent looks amazing. Also, you can’t leave scrap in their bins … that just wouldn’t be polite!


Yeah, I’d definitely make them a cool sign to stick on their counter. Lucky you! :smile:

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