I was stuck in focus my thread was closed

I was stuck in focus and I have been waiting for my replacement plate. I was told and given a tracking number last week. When I contacted ups only a shipping label was printed. I have emailed 2 different times and no response. So now I have resorted to posting in the forum. What is going on?

When you email support you should get an automated response right away. If you didn’t, either they didn’t get yours, or their response landed in your spam or promotions folder.



Glowforge’s support has been stellar, so I am AM ASSUMING its just a hiccup in email.
remember last week was a holiday, so timing may have gotten messed up…


Nope, not in a spam folder. And yes usually there support is great. But not this time. The label from UPS is still just created. Not shipped. It’s been over a week. I have heard nothing from support! And it’s not in spam. So thank you for your opinions on my situation. But hoping someone from support reads this.

I’m sorry to have breathed your air, it won’t happen again.

now thats funny…entertaining

curious Macgeek…where is support?

They’ll get here. There are other tickets ahead of yours. :slight_smile:

i actually just called Gloforge and im waiting for a response back…but thank you

Just so you know, you’ve opened a support ticket by posting in this section, and opening multiple tickets slows them down (see the pinned post at the top of Problems and Support), so it’s best to just hang in there until they get to your ticket rather than contacting them multiple ways. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry your carriage plate was lost during delivery! We’ve just sent you an email about the next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.

Not closed yet :slight_smile:

I know a lot of GF stuff gets shipped from PA and shipping on the east coast had been impacted some with Elsa last week and continued weather issues. I am on the east coast and had some orders I know I gave to UPS but they have not been scanned into the system yet. Glad to see GF followed up :slight_smile: