I was threatened 🙀


You might look at the V8 bottles as a quick connect to the exhaust hose, If you cut just beyond the ribs slide on tight to the Glowforge exhaust port so putting on or off the hose to the exhaust is both fast and secure.



Rio begged me to go to Shiprock today. One of those 65 miles away kinda things that actually takes about 2 hours to get there… or longer if you miss an Indian Service Road turn or two.

When we found the road, he instantly said, I need an Instagram picture!


And then complained that I got the leash in the picture… he has an image to uphold he said, that he’s an independent dog. That means no leash…

Drove a bit more on down the dirt road and got set up for what would hopefully be an alright golden hour.

Rio found a buddy to play with and I shot a few (hundred) frames.

Pretty cool place! Pulled this one off first just to see what I had. Hopefully the rest compare.



I have no words for that photo of Shiprock…the detail of the rock itself is stunning. I’ve seen Shiprock many times…and one time it was in our view while we sat roadside in our old RV many years ago with a flat tire on duallys. Don’t even know how to spell that word…but you get it.



Wow. Again.
JB, do you sell prints of your photos as well as the puzzles? (Just idle curiosity. For now.)



It depends… I have an agency that deals with all of my licensing stuff. If I put an image in as part of that program, then they pretty much control the images aside from a clause I had inserted that allows me to use them for puzzles.

They turned out halfway decent though!



That’s a beautiful image for sure.



I have seen Shiprock any number of times in photos or whatever but never close to that! :heart_eyes:

I don’t know how much is possible to drive around and get photos from many angles but can you imagine having that in even partial 3d? conversely to get where you cannot see much evidence of civilization and get this sort of picture
Or even these

Imagine putting That on a geo-sphere



It looks like a beautiful scene from an other-world sci-fi movie. Truly amazing. Wow.



You definitely have an eye Ansel Adams would envy and a set of equipment he wold have died for, By being in such locations and having that ability it would be a shame to not at least create all that is possible even if there is not a market for that value at this moment.

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I am so grateful to Rio for insisting on this outing. His instincts are excellent. Thank you for sharing the photos and giving me a glimpse of another beautiful landscape to appreciate. I believe I should go see this place in person one day, but for now I shall reflect on those colors glowing in the sky, on the rocks and on the ground. What a planet we live on!



Wow, your photos are even more stunning than when I saw it for real!



That’s the advantage of a camera over our eyes… our eyes are basically a camera on “auto” - working with our brain to initiate a physiological response (our pupils) that controls the light, always adjusting the color balance and so forth. The whole comparison between the two (eyes and camera) is actually really interesting and far beyond my scope of knowledge.

You should! And “what a planet we live on” is definitely right.

I don’t know for sure… I think it could definitely be done, but I get kind of leery on reservation land and exercise extreme caution in respecting the land and any rules that I may not know about. The light would be a challenge because it would be an all day (most of the day?) affair, I would think, because the rock is huge. A full day of solid overcast and it could be done well, probably.



You could do it in sections and stitch them together say first light to 10am on several trips even and then do the other side around sundown It would take a lot of post work to blend the colors but the geometry would not change. You could even get the top from USGS Lidar maps.

The result would be really stunning and valuable and one might even get a grant to do it.

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I played around with Google Earth in VR yesterday. Even just with generated 3D graphics it’s pretty amazing.

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Yes I see that the model already exists but it would be great to have it in color :heart_eyes: also bigger, taking up most of the model. If you had the 3d already then the colored scanned in could be done in very few images and then 3d print in color on an M3D



Ohhhhh, breathtaking!



It’s a favorite of mine. Pretty mind-blowing to be able to fly from orbit to any spot on earth and look around…



Build it in 3d broken up into many 3D puzzle pieces ? :thinking:



I don’t know… but I really want to do a black and white puzzle now. A huge one.

This one came out to about 120 megapixels after being stitched together. Gonna need a bigger table.



I know it’s not what you meant by 3D but, you would only need two images for a stereo pair. If you separate the two shots by about 1/30th of the distance between you and the the subject, the hyperstereo effect should be pretty great.