I was threatened 🙀




Lake supposed to go up 25 feet tonight and tomorrow.

This and wayyyyy more will be underwater.


Dude! (Time to depart!) :grimacing:


Yeah we’re gettign really soggy here in Central Texas. Please tell us you have a next stop you are on your way to?


I’ll just have to write about it! :slight_smile:


they say the lakes are getting really full. is the plan to float?


I blame Rio. He should have suggested a houseboat. :wink:



I imagine that thing would be very prone to tipping over.


Apparently it is sufficiently bottom heavy not to tip over. Kind of like a sailboat Unfortunately the sails cannot be lowered on that and I would hate to be running in a high wind, even on land much less on water. I had a sailboat with less windage than usual and still got five knots one time, bare poles. that has a lot more water resistance and probably cannot get 5 knots under power, but it would be tough if where you needed to go was 70 degrees up wind in even a medium size lake.


This mornings view wasn’t too shabby. Except winter coming over the mountains… :snowman_with_snow:


I can’t even find adequate words to express how much I envy your life, right now. But also I’m really glad you get to have it. :slight_smile:


A man, his dog, a trailer, a glowforge, and a camera. I’d swear your life was fiction if I didn’t know better.


I know (especially at my age) that your new lifestyle would never work for me, but I find I can’t help feeling a bit envious. You are indeed a fortunate man. May it ever be thus.


Eh. It’s a lot of washing dishes by hand. :wink:


like this, right?


Haha that was my immediate thought when I saw the notification email come through with a link to YouTube.

I think we’ve just identified Kelly Bundy as one of @jbv’s childhood crushes.


ha… never really watched much married with children, grew up without television in the house. Recognized the Bundy name of course, but had to google the actress.
Oh, it’s Christina Applegate.

Yup. Totally crushed on her.


In my 20’s I had a 40’ school bus made into a jewelry shop, and in spite of many troubles was able to “retire” and travel about by bus and boat while I was still young enough to enjoy it, being very low in income but in spending also. I was wanting to do so again but now I am not able to do so as age and injuries have conspired to make that life impossible for me now. I hope you can manage it long and well!


You have an amazingly cooperative and photogenic model. :dog2: