I was threatened 🙀


He’s a little upset that he wasn’t able to go with me this afternoon to the Three Rivers Petroglyph site…

But, he had a good morning at the Valley of Fires lava field just up the road. Yesterday, he decided to make the circuit without a leash… or a collar (he slipped the collar off somehow?), sprinting around the entire loop before coming back up the hill to me. Today, we strictly enforced leash laws…


I still remember when you rescued this dog. What a wonderful life he is living now, thanks to you!


Yeah, that was a lucky pup. :wink:


Both great pictures but I am enraptured by the top one of the petroglyph site. Stunning.


I made it up with about an hour of light left, but it was good light :slight_smile:

This one is the most well known of the petroglyphs at this site (Bighorn sheep with 3 arrows protruding from it, and body filled-in)

All in all, there are over 21,000 petroglyphs in this relatively small area. Some of them are tough to distinguish what they are, some are in better shape than others, some are much more detailed than others. It’s a really interesting collection.

I think I even found evidence of aliens… you can be the judge of that though. :slight_smile:


Ha! Everyone acts like it’s Reo that had all the luck.


Gotta love graffiti! :smile:
(Teasing, your photos are nothing less than inspirational! Watch out for snakes.)


Rio is starting to slow down (lol) and enjoy the views.

If any of y’all know of the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico, this is just a couple miles south (and the view out the door).




I love when you stop by with a bit of travelogue. My brother lives in the desert outside of Albuquerque and we have really loved going to visit him there. We love New Mexico.


Great envy here. Was the plan 40 years ago but body prevents it now and it did not work out as planned 40 years ago. I am really glad you are able to do this!

Love all the pictures. Good luck finding that secret canyon and send pictures if you do.


Rio looks quite relaxed and happy. You two keep on keeping on.


I lived 5 years in Albuquerque and 3.5 in Alamogordo. After the PNW, NM is my favorite part of the country. :slight_smile:


Alamo… is well… a military town. White Sands is super cool. I love Cloudcroft also. And love how you can go so quickly from something like Cloudcroft to something like White Sands - two polar opposites.

I did get to tour Holloman a few years ago. Met all the dogs they were training, ran through their urban warfare simulator, checked out the buildings where they viewed the Trinity test, the sled, etc. it was very cool.

I haven’t done ABQ, Santa Fe, etc. yet. Too cold for that!


Casa Grande is covered in "recent " graffiti that was halted when made a National Monument but folk have found several early explorers that might have been them.


Yeah, that’s why we were there. :wink: Albuquerque too, actually.

And yes, the transition from desert to snowy pine forest in like 20 minutes was always pretty fascinating. :slight_smile:


Rio stopped hard and fast at the door this morning, refusing to go down the stairs, looked up to me… and I could see the questioning in his eyes: WTH happened?


Your photography is just breathtaking.


I just have the front door in a good spot. Too cold to go out there :joy: :wink: but thanks!


Want to see a dog emote discontent? Those eyes when I asked him to sit… :joy: