I was threatened 🙀


Dude! Think about what you asked him to park in the snow. :rofl:

Thought the first picture was excellent…this one is even better!


Aww…g’boy to sit when told…and even in the snow. Brrr! Stunning photos…all of them. With the snow, they’re pretty close to black & white.


Snowcapped cacti and a good friend thinking, “take the picture, already!” Stay safe on those roads.


A good chance you know this place then…

For those that don’t, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alamogordo_and_Sacramento_Mountain_Railway

Looking backwards from nearly the same spot, illustrates well the transition from mountains to desert (White Sands in the distance):


Yep! You’re making me all nostalgic!


Are you enhancing those colors digitally? (And if not, quit showing those pictures, you’re inciting me to wanderlust.) :smile:


Lol not really - saturation/vibrancy left alone, balanced the highlights and shadows to pull some detail out, a little bit of contrast. I thought the light in the mountains might be pretty cool around sunset - wasn’t disappointed.

Going to try and set up a night shot of the trestle before I leave this area in a few days. Won’t be able to get a great Milky Way because of the time of year, but I’m alright with that… I’m wondering what an artistic representation/line drawing of that might look like on some black granite or slate. Could sell well up here.


The seven-block long Las Cruces Farmers Market… (probably really awesome in months other than January, as far as number of vendors, etc.)

And that fleeting moment between the golden hour and the blue hour (Organ Mountains). Being in a valley, or basin, with mountains on both sides makes the light really interesting (and hard for me to predict) but my agent lady said cactus, happy landscapes (whatever that is, opposite of foreboding? I like the foreboding ones!)

This frame was about 10 mins before the one above, I think.

And sorry y’all. I suck at blogging. :grimacing: I have several started though? :slight_smile:


Thank you for the beautiful images. Give my best to Rio.


So cool, thank you for sharing what for many of us is a fantasy!


He says thanks! :wink:

He’s having a blast. Had some friends come up over New Years. We decided to hit some forest service trails up in the mountains; we only got about 5 miles into the 30-mile route. About every mile or so, we would come across someone that needed to be pulled out (tough conditions - solid layer of ice beneath the snow). Rio loved it because he got to play in neck deep snow every time we stopped…


If you’re ever out in Columbus, New Mexico (because everyone ends up here at some point, right?!), this is where you eat. No arguments and you’ll thank me later.

Interesting little place, actually. I had no idea that Pancho Villa was so relatively recent in history. He raided Columbus in 1916, I believe. Killing a few soldiers and citizens. Our response was to send what ended up being 20,000 troops into Mexico to search, find, and bring to justice. We didn’t find him. Part of that response was that we built the first American airbase in Columbus, New Mexico - filled with bi-planes. Too cool.

I’m about 2 miles from Puerto Paloma (Dove Port). I have no idea why it’s named Puerto (port)… water is absolutely a commodity around here.

And if you’re lucky enough, and nature hasn’t reclaimed it, you’ll get a little bit of Christmas along the desolate little road that runs between here and El Paso.


Just amazing! I’ve never even heard of Columbus, NM… until now. And, OMG…look at that blanket of stars. That’s one of many things we love about going out into the desert…being able see so many more stars.


Yes, Living in Tucson Poncho Villa was a frequent topic of conversation. And I heard a lot about him in Spanish class, and Latin American History in high school


We’ve been at City of Rocks for about a week now. It’s a pretty fascinating place but the weather has been mostly just not great, and that led to not wanting to shoot much.

I threw Rio in the kennel tonight for a few hours while I went up into the rocks… I hate doing it, but it’s the only way sometimes. I took him up there Saturday to roam around; he’s like a little mountain goat… that’s insistent on pulling me down whatever rock face we are traversing. Lesson: I’m not as nimble as the dog.

I stumbled around for a bit - without any places marked from the previous days hike - took a few frames, and headed back.

Here’s the first couple that I ended up with (they got worse as it got later ha)

Caught the moon setting late in the west:

And caught the Big Dipper in the Northern Sky:


Thanks for sharing the beauty that you capture on your journey. It is a wonderful gift on this Monday morning.


I thoroughly enjoy seeing your pictures. Thank you for showing us. :grinning:


Those are beautiful shots!

(Must say I’m a little concerned about you scrambling around on the rocks solo. At night. Or even with Rio, but at least if you break an ankle or something, he can get help.)

“What is is boy?”
Whoof! Whoof!
Has Timmy fallen down the well?"
“Again?” “(Third time this month!)”


I love your beautiful journey! I did mine years ago, 7 years in a 24 ft. travel trailer. I did love the desert landscapes. if you make it up to Oregon in the summer (you definitely should), please message me! I’d love to host you and give you some places to hit up here. I’ll buy you some beers and the wife and I can exchange travelling stories with you. Everyone thinks it’s so romantic, until they have to dump the black water tank the first time :laughing:


Definitely should have a EPLB - only a couple hundred bucks and can scramble SAR anywhere on the planet.