I wish I knew who to thank

Two years ago, plus (I haven’t kept as close track as others), I was noodling on Facebook. Now, I get all my social media needs from the GF community - but I digress. There was a link to the glowforge in the sidebar. I clicked it and couldn’t believe how cool it would be to have a laser. I impulse bought the basic, and a year later (or so) upgraded to the pro. Last week, I bought a second GF, but a basic from a user who no longer had a place for his machine. So, someone out there got $100 off their purchase from a Facebook link. I guess in theory someone in my list of friends or friends-friends, but I have no idea who. So, wherever you are phantom link poster, THANK YOU! I’m a newbie laserer, so to me no comparison when I think about the time saving from the scroll saw, dremel, chisel, etc.

I now have piles of materials to laser, piles of designs to make, piles of ideas, and piles of fun ahead. And, I guess, piles of new friends… just don’t expect me to remember all your names.


With you all the way @rpratt.
Followed near enough the same path, and have no idea how I got here, but so pleased that I did.



I’m so happy to have you here as a part of the community. I will always remember your names… as long as I’m reading your posts on the forum. In person, anyone’s guess. :wink: