I would have turned my laser machine off


If I knew the girls were going to be so darn cute I would have turned my laser machine off ! lol they asked me to turn it off so they could make a video and I was mean and said no :frowning: So their auto is all messed up. This is them showing off a few of the things that will be in our booth. https://www.facebook.com/destiney.fischer/videos/10213758272144803/ I tried to upload it here but the file is too large.


They are naturals !! It is a bummer about the audio…


Oh, they’re incredibly cute! (And good too!) :smile:


I know, I feel really bad lol


You’ve got some great sales and marketing staff there. Good luck with the booth!


You can’t miss with that sales team working for you.


Precious! You’ve got some admirable marketers right there.