I would love to see the PRO move off day one

That subject line pretty much sums it up.


I’ll be honest. I’m baffled.

In about a week there will only be six weeks to the end of October so all of us who ordered in the 30 day campaign should be getting emails before then. Then they need to ship hundreds per day to get them all out in about 4 weeks so they arrive in time.


Honestly I can’t see how that will be possible.

so tired of my family giving me grief about this.


Well it must be possible because it still says so at the top of the page. Surely if Dan knew it wasn’t possible he would tell us.


I hope you are correct!

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There must have been a whole lot of day 9 basic orders… :neutral_face:


I suspect he was smiling when he said that.

I think that while Dan has said they were hoping to all be actually in everybody’s hands by October, I read the statements as still being willing to call it success if everybody gets their shipping email by the date and then another six weeks to actually hand to a carrier.

So I think it’s possible that putting them in everybody’s hands by December 15th would still fit the Glowforge definitions of the current schedule. Current course and speed looks like that is in the realm of possibility, so perhaps no schedule change announcement will occur.

But I think it’d be prudent to be pleasantly surprised if you get your email before Halloween rather than make plans and/or tell your friends that you’ll have your unit by then. It just doesn’t look like they’ll ramp fast enough for that to happen.

And for folks that comments like these trigger their defensiveness, yes, I’m speculating and conjecturing with very little information, but so far past performance would indicate that a conservative hopefulness rather than an optimistic expectation will serve you better when waiting for your Glowforge.


Even if Pro moves off of day one, it doesn’t mean anything other than that they’ve sent a few more emails. The idea that day 9 basics are shipping is a joke. :angry:

I got my day 4 (basic) email exactly three weeks ago, and still don’t have anything but a stack of Proofgrade materials I can’t use. Not even an actual shipping notice.


I purchased mine on October 26th…I’m not getting my GF until June…I can already feel the news coming…:frowning:

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Something like last year last delay will never happen! :lying_face:

I did my upgrade on October 20th to the Pro.

Yes there was a surge in emails that looked hopeful but no corresponding surge in production so now emails are far ahead of dispatches again.

To be on target we need to see four machines arrive each day on the spreadsheet. Since they take about 10 days to be delivered then there should be 40 in transit but there are just 5 ATM.

Also the number of people adding themselves to the spreadsheet is beating deliveries so it looks like they will never all be delivered unless something changes.

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It’s dragging on, and on. Looks like the aren’t even off 1/2 way through day one on Pros. They need to “Step on the gas”. The pedal is on the Right!!


Yes and basic dispatches are only on day 3 despite emails being on day 9. There seems to be something holding up production again.


@dan clarified that “shipping” is only them sending out the e-mails. How can they keep pulling this smoke and mirrors crap.

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