Icosahedron Snowflake Light Decoration

Icosahedron Snowflake Final


I included another tab style that you might find easier to use, a little longer and narrower. I found it ideal to start with the tighter fit and then finish with the second style of tab.

The slot size on the Inkscape imported svg is now 2.249 mm X 1.138 mm. So to get to a 3mm long dimension for the slot, I use a scaling of 133.390%. Depending on unmasked wood thickness, the scale factor can be adjusted for kerfing.
The triangle side length as imported is 60.007mm.
I think this must be an Inkscape problem. Your information is so helpful. Thank you!

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A bunch of people have asked me to make this finished product available for purchase. This isn’t really the group that I’m marketing towards given each of you are fully capable of producing and assembling your own version of this but I’m wondering if anyone with more experience on Etsy could evaluate this listing and provide any feedback?

Areas of question would be 1. Does the listing make sense to you? 2. Does the price seem reasonable? 3. Are the pictures sufficient? 4. Do you have any other comments?

Also, if this isn’t allowed in terms of forum rules and I miss-stepped, let me know and I will delete this:

Appreciate your help.


I’m not an Etsy seller, and all I’ve bought off Etsy is SVG files. But to me your listing makes sense, the price seems very reasonable, and I think the pics are fine, although the large group makes it seem like they’re getting the whole set for that price instead of each one being individual. Maybe just a video of one in action? And I really like the second design, the one that looks like sunrays. Hope you do very well with these. I have yet to even try making an icosahedron.


I appreciate the feedback. Your point regarding all the lights makes sense. I noticed lots of photos for Etsy products are staged rather than just being one item so I was trying to showcase it that way.

It is confusing though, to have so many visible as the hero image.