I'd have an easier time getting my hands on an issue of "the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN" #1

How are all of you using Proofgrade Materials? I have tried to order Proofgrade materials since I got my glowforge in December. Every time I try and order anything my cart is dwindled down to draftboard and walnut hardwood only. Is this normal? Are the proofgrade materials normally this hard to get your hands on?

I ordered some PG Draftboard and PG Basswood last Saturday and received notification that it will be delivered tomorrow… I have always received what i ordered…

I ordered in January and again last week. No out of stock messages on cherry ply and different acrylics.

I have always got my order within a week to 10 days. Sometimes i get the shipping notification sometimes not.

I didn’t notice any out of stock signs on the stuff I had wanted to order but every time I click on the checkout button it gives me an error and tells me to change the amount to 0 to proceed. I had 12 types of materials in my cart and it gave me that message 10 times until all that was left was the draftboard and walnut hardwood. Then it finally took me to the checkout page. I just assumed that because it was telling me I had to remove them from my cart that they were not available. Anyone have a clue as to why if they are available is it not letting me order?

I just put 15 different in my cart and then went to check out with no issues…

It is possible for individual accounts to develop a glitch in the server (or at least it was - long ago).

You will either want to start a new Topic in the Problems and Support section here or send an email directly to Glowforge support to look into it for you.

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Weird! I’m going to have to try it again. It must be something I’m doing wrong.

no problems here! I have ordered pretty much everything they’ve got, numerous times. must be a glitch with your account, I’d contact support.

Great idea. Since I had thought they were just sold out I didn’t even think of it being an account issue. I’ll contact them. Thanks everyone!

I recently placed a hefty order for veneer with no problems and quick shipping, hope it gets resolved for you!

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