Idea for any hunters out there

My friend has a life time Oklahoma hunting license so I made him some reusable deer tags for his birthday. I used engravers plastic (what name badges are made from). He can use a sharpie to write in the date and time and clean it off with alcohol. Note: All states can have different tag requirements so this may not work for some states that need a specific printed tag…


Every state has different laws, but when transporting meat, or even the head to the taxidermist, many states require that it be tagged with specific info, so I think that’s a great idea!

Did you look into the specific info that his state requires, though? Some states might require other info, such as his address, telephone number, where from / to, etc.

I guess he could always add that on the back in sharpie, but it would be nice to have the specific & permanent info already there, if required?

But again, great idea & gift!

By the way, is he related to these guys?

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Thats all the info needed in Oklahoma. You are correct that every state has different requirements.

I didn’t even think about the family from In the Middle LOL…nope

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Neat. Missouri requires the specific printed tag to accompany the deer or turkey. It would be an expense but printing the tag with the Glowforge on acrylic would be a great way to keep them weatherproof and for posterity.


Wisconsin requires the issued tag be attached to the animal as well, however, there are federal rules for marking fish and game for transport across state lines. There may be an idea there.

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