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Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to figure out a project to make for my care team. It will be 3 years since I had major cancer surgery this year.

I found the image I wanted below and was thinking of the following ideas: 1. Making a clock or 2. Trying to 3-D engrave, however, I have never done that before.

Any other suggestions are welcome as I am stuck - Thank you!


Would it be possible to do a multi layered piece out of contrasting wood and then make it a clock?! That would look awesome!


Hey Ryan!

I was thinking of making the rib cage out of maybe bass wood or walnut, then having the same image out of a different color wood a different color.

Is this what you were thinking? I have never done this before but it will be fun! Where would you suggest I get the clock parts? Are there any where they don’t require batteries?

Thanks for your help! :heart::pray:t2:

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I think that’s a lovely idea :slight_smile: - and congrats!
BTW, I moved your post to Everything Else because Made on a Glowforge is where to post finished projects :slight_smile:

Clock movements can be purchased locally at places like Michael’s, online from Amazon, or specialists like Clockworks. They all require batteries, or wired power, or solar, or gravity - but power in some way shape or form. Batteries are easy and last a long time.

If you want to do it as a 3D engrave I would suggest doing it on the backside of piece of transparent/translucent acrylic so the front of the clock is smooth. In that case you don’t need a vector, that requires raster art - but it’s easy to turn one into the other in Inkscape (or any design program).

Doing it as a layered cut would also look gorgeous - I’d suggest the doing the clockface out of a light wood like maple, and the heart out of a medium one like cherry - you could do the numbers out of something dark like mahogany, and get either brightly coloured or black clock hands.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Thank you!

I like the idea of acrylic and engraving it for a clock! I will try it with the material I received with my machine and see how it comes out.

Thank you for your input!

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I’m assuming to turn the vector into a rastor in Inkscape I would do “Path → Trace Bitmap”? I’m new to all this technical stuff.

Thank you!

The layering options are endless! You could do a light color for the ribs on the outermost part, another color wood for the middle of the ribs, and a third even for the breast plate. Glue all of that up on a lighter colored wood backing or make it pop with a dark wood backing. So many options!

As far as clock parts, hobby stores are great but you can also check hardware stores, woodworking stores like Rockler Woodworking, or as easy as Amazon. As far an option without batteries Amazon might be your best bet. I’ve only seen the standard battery option at the listed physical stores.

Be sure to share what you decide to go with, I look forward to seeing it! Good luck and be sure to have fun with the process! The people here in the forums are some of the most helpful people I’ve (virtually) met.


Other way around - that’s how you turn a raster into a vector. For this you want Edit → Make a Bitmap Copy :slight_smile:


Thank you! Now I just need to figure out what size to make it? The forum is amazing!

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Good thing I double checked! Thank you so very much!

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