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Here is an idea of the clock for my care team I was working on today. I found the clock face online as an SVG. The ribcage I’m debating on doing the following:

  1. scoring it onto the base so I know where to place each piece
  2. cutting out the pieces in different shades of wood (ie ribs in a light color and the sternum in a darker color).

I have included a picture of the mock-up I have designed, any input is greatly appreciated!

Rib Cage Clock


Scoring for placement is useful. I’ve done this for contour maps.

However, because the score is thinner than the material that will be cut away from the pieces you’ll glue on, sometimes you’ll need to be perfect when gluing to hide the score lines.

I recommend making a shape a itty bit smaller to score, so it’s perfectly covered by the cut piece.

I do this but putting a fatter stroke on the original, outlining the stroke, and then deleting one of the stroke outlines.



I love this idea! :heart:

Have you given consideration to the colour of your clock hands? A colour will stand out against wood no matter what, but (for example) gold hands on oak will mostly disappear. I would think it would make an easier to read clock if you did the full sternum & ribs in the same colour with a darker underlayer, and top layer slightly smaller - so you get a raised shadow look, but don’t have to worry about the clock hands blending too well with only a part of the design. :slight_smile:


Another way is to use inset or outset in Inkscape. My score lies are inset so they can be hidden under the top layer.


Thank you, Josh! I will try doing this…is there a particular program that works best for you to do the outline?

Thank you for your help,


Ooohh! I will give this a go, thank you!

I’m glad you like it, I just came up with it on a whim! As for the clock hands I really didn’t give it much thought. However, I was thinking of doing the clock face (background) in maple or cherry and the ribs/sternum in birch. Maybe doing the hands in black?

Having said that, What size overall should I make the background with the clock face? I’ve never made a clock before and am not sure how large to make that, or the ribs/sternum. Also, how big do I make the hole for the clock assembly?

I would have that in hand before doing the rest. Then you can use your calipers to get the exact size for the hole you need.


Good idea! Thank you.


I think the layout you have here is great. I’m a big fan of as-big-as-possible-without-impinging-on-the-numbers :slight_smile:

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