If I sub to premium today and then

If I go ahead and sub premium today and for w/e reason I decide that I don’t want it anymore will this affect my original founder perks like unlimited design storage and what not?

I’m worried that going to premium and back will change the perks of being a founder… Will feel like a punishment for trying it on for size.


No, the unlimited design storage for Legacy customers stays whether we have Premium or not.


I also noticed that people keep talking about snap marks and didn’t really understand it until reading about snap marks/jigs to get perfect consistent prints regardless of the camera.

How did people get this enabled? I never got to use this feature during this trial.

It was a limited Beta test…only certain machines (that met the target criteria for testing) had it enabled during the Beta.

They closed the Beta when they had enough information to continue development on it for everyone, but we were told at the time that it would likely be a part of the subscription (Premium) service.

When they have it ready it will likely be released as part of Premium, but they will not ever commit to something until they actually have it finished, so we’re not sure when it will be released.


OHHH thank you for clarifying this… I was feeling left out for a bit lol…


Don’t feel left out. They’re nice but not essential. I rarely use them, jigs are quick and simple. I won’t be too sad when they are disabled after Premium goes live.


I wanted to support GF and don’t actually use the premium features at the moment. I subbed for now. I expect $50 a month service since they are pressuring people to do it with the FOMO model… The unfortunate is that it has effectively scared off new customers even when I explain it isn’t needed at all to use this machine fully…

I believe they are planning to offer new purchasers a month long free trial and a discount to join Premium as well, but I have no idea how much of one.

I suspect the reasoning behind the structure they have created here is they are expecting that new purchasers will want to use the in-app design functions while they learn to use the machine…then they might drop the subscription after they get a little more comfortable with how everything works, and learn to use their own design software.

Like other folks have mentioned…the $50 is the monthly use rate. If you just pop in once in a while to snag some files or use the snapmarks, it costs more than if you subscribe long term. (But some folks do that with Adobe products as well, so I guess there are benefits to it.)

Makes more sense to me to just subscribe at the discount. But I’ve seen some of what’s coming in the chute, so it’s an easier decision for me. I can design now quite well without any of the Premium features, but they will make it a lot easier to tweak results in the app when it turns out that they don’t quite do what I want it to do. (For instance, I can use the Offset now for tiny kerf adjustments on simple shapes, eventually that’s probably going to be tightened up a bit, and then it will be simple to instantly correct for the kind of fit you want in one place, instead of having to bounce around between programs. That’s a big time saver.)

And it seems like a good value for me at $15 a month. Even if you just want to grab some files from the Free with Premium section. I can design them, but I’m not very quick about it… it will save a bunch of time to just grab one already made. If you purchase unlimited use licenses for just a couple of designs that’s around $70, and we are going to see some much nicer “Free Files of the Month” coming up.

Add it all up, and it’s worth the discounted rate now IMO. I never make decisions based on fear. (No, it’s not currently worth $50/mo. I suspect it will be one day, but if it never gets there, I can drop at any time.)

Anyhoo…that’s my decision process. You decide whether the current offerings are worth $15 a month or not, revise your decision when things change. Nothing is locked in stone…we always have a choice.


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