If this guy ever makes this thing output SVG, it is ON

Cool photo manipulation single-serving site.


wow, wonder how long a picture like that would take to engrave.

I mean if it’s lines you could score it… that’s why I want it in svg :wink:

Raster, you can just engrave as usual, so as long as engraves usually take.

I’m kind of rethinking this though, svg would probably torch the hell out of your piece unless you use ridiculously low power.

I want to try this. :slight_smile:

true, but scoring would take quite some time too I guess.

I might try engraving it, just for the heck of it

I fully support your plan :slight_smile: post pics!

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with that many lines, it may literally be faster to engrave.


Until we get svg, it’ll remain a mystery :slight_smile:

will do :slight_smile:

It’s like an inverse CT scan!

Tried it today but was hard to find a pic that did well with the effect. In the end, I used an image with some letters on it. Will try it with a converted PDF as a source next.

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That’s pretty cool! You’re doing an engrave straight off the site, or did you postprocess the image first?

I did use the color option because it was the best result. Then I did convert it into greyscale and had to multiply about six instances for a darker effect. Engraving (650/ 80 with 225LPI) took only approximately 9 minutes.


Vary power? Convert to dots?

About what size is the final piece?

Sorry, I’m annoying :slight_smile:

You are not annoying I’m not used to all the settings yet. I used convert to dots but have to try vary power too.
The final size is (by accident) exactly 7 cm square (according to my calculator that should be 2.75590551 inches :wink:)

I tried an original vector image, and I did it with vary power and convert to dots. As you can see with poplar plywood, the later gives the better result.

original image

after linify

and the lasered result

vary power

convert to dots