If we press button to pause......?

If we pause the GF and then change the power level, will that change take affect immediately when unpausing…or it makes no difference?

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No, the original job submitted when you hit “print” doesn’t change.


In order to change the power level, you need to cancel the print and start over. (Which is going to be a problem if it already started before you noticed. And yeah I’m sure everyone has done this before at some point.) :smiley:


The trick is to watch and hit pause at the exact point where it moves from one layer to the next and then lift the lid to cancel the job and then change the power levels (if that is what is needed) and then redo just that layer (putting the rest on ignore) and then do the rest and put the first on ignore.


Ah haaaaaa… thank you all.

End of thread.

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