If you give a woodworker a piece of wood

I have 4 gorgeous pieces of canarywood. They are 1/8" and 18x3.25". I have a stash of similar wood pieces that I’ve been just holding onto. But my studio is almost done and I need to make all the things. What would you do with these? Just looking for inspiration, so have fun. :slight_smile:


Begging to cut jupiter out of that.

Are you sure that’s canary? That red is very sharp, almost looks like box elder or something.

Might also be stabilized with epoxy but I suspect you’d know that. Anyway, that’s a nice score.

Oh and also a nice valet tray is staring you in the face there. It’d be astonishingly pretty.


I know very little about stabilizing woods with epoxy other than it requires equipment I don’t have (although someone at my makerspace might).

This is from Kim. Looks like the rest of my canarywood, only more interesting. Canarywood is my favorite wood right now, so I have scooped up a dozen or so boards from him over time. I had to stop buying things until I started using what I already have!


Oh man, Kim was holding out on me :wink: I periodically ask him if he has anything interesting or unusual, he never mentioned this stash :stuck_out_tongue: He doesn’t sell stabilized stuff afaik, so I’m sure you’re good.

You should see the Mango I have en route from a secret source, check it:


I’ve had this little bundle for awhile now, so perhaps it’s from before you had an “understanding.”

That mango is gorgeous!

We’ve just set up a little workshop area in the garage and I got a new mitre saw and a used scrollsaw (someone gave it to me, but I haven’t used it yet). I just need a table saw, but I can still use the one at the makerspace (which will soon be downstairs from my studio). I have room in the studio for assembly/finish work, so I finally decided to go through my materials and see what interesting things I’ve got.


I think @evansd2 had all the great ideas already - could definitely see Jupiter in that!


I think I would just hang it up on the wall and gaze lovingly at it all day. :slight_smile:


One of those true kerf cut round boxes, would look fabulous.
The faces in the top and bottom pieces are just begging to be fully realized though!
If you wanted to see them more often a set of salad tongs (presuming you eat salad) would do that.
Either using kerf or living hinge you could make a large chunky jewelry pendant…

So many options! I have a few pieces that are beautiful too, I should spend more time coming up with projects for those!


New species to me, I’ll bet that stuff really lights up when you finish it. :star_struck:
I like the idea of mining the community for ideas, so much creativity here. I like Dave’s idea of a valet tray, or Ruth’s idea of just looking at it.


This is my leaning as well, but I feel like I should be able to find something!

I wouldn’t use a valet tray and I at least want some of this for me…


I’d make a handbag out of that…it would be gorgeous.

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I have some canary wood but not enough for a piece as yet. but am having a similar problem with three new species (for me) from this article I have Chechen, Chakte Viga, and Katalox. all 1/4 inch. Moderately expensive so I want to make whatever I make worth it.

When I see your boards I see a sun rise or sun set. :smiley:


Hmmm. I’d have to practice on something else first, but that could be cool!

That grain would make a gorgeous Lumio type lamp!

Those are very cool! I have to say, their website could use some work, though. It took me far longer than it should have to figure out what I was looking at! Handmade books? Why are they also selling lamps? Huh? :slight_smile:


:laughing: It used to be a lot clearer when they just had the original product.

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