If you haven't cut yourself a spiral yet

… well I recommend trying because it’s just plain fun to see the Glowforge doing so much work so quickly, seeing the smooth motor action, and turning a 2D piece of paper into a humongous curly thing.

Cut this out on a single piece of cardstock (I used speed 500, power 70%). For party decorations, maybe put 5 small ones on a sheet. Whee!

Download one-spiral.svg

Download five-spirals.svg


You’re right, it’s fun! :grinning:
(They tend to break though so using them for what I wanted wasn’t feasible. Don’t cut them out of Proofgrade, it’s too expensive to waste.) :neutral_face:

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Oh yes. It’s mesmerizing:


Neat…I think I’m hypnotized…else I just stepped into the Teilight Zone!!! Thanks for sharing!

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love how you have a camera set up in there. any info you would like to share on how you went about doing it?

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