If you look closely


you can see the glowforge logo on the hopper


If they ever get through half the stuff Dan put in that hopper. We would only have to load material into the Glowforge and it would do the design and build for us.


August 27th, 2017 is the day the Glowforge hopper became will become self-aware.


I think that hopper is way too small :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. Not big enough by half.


Well duh, of course the hopper is too small. That explains why we don’t have our Glowforges yet.

Sheesh people pay attention. :slight_smile:


lol I know. I looked for a bigger one, but apparently Glowforge keeps that one in a secret location. This is just the loading hopper that sends everything from the forum to the real hopper.


It’s in the picture…it’s just really far back so that the small one there in the foreground his it.


Are you talking about the logo next to the fly? If you look even closer at the truck license plate it actually says Glowforge