If you need a CART for your Glowforge

Menard’s is running their 11% rebate along with a sale on the cart I got for mine.


the drawers are very sturdy. it is rated for a ridiculous weight load.


We don’t have a Menard’s out here, I bought an Ikea cabinet that has sliding doors on the front with shelves. Fits the GF perfectly with plenty of room for supplies underneath.

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After 2+ years with my Glowforge I have come to realize there is No Such Thing as “plenty of room for supplies. :wink:


Haha! I think I got to that point about 6 months after I got mine (and that’s only because my first big thing was gingerbread so I manufactured those supplies myself).

My daughter moved out to her first apartment. I took over and turned it into a craft room. I have my GF Pro, a scrapbox, a pull out Ikea couch in case one of the kids wants visit and crash overnight. I have a sit/stand desk, another desk for computer design. Sewing machine, 6 different cricut machines, a silhouette, a vagabond, laminator, quilling, scrapbooking and painting supplies, a CNC, heat press, neon laser printer, sublimation printer, screen print set up and 4 dog crates. All strategically placed with shelving. I have a mini-craft store. No lack of supplies here :blush:


(thinking you got an entire apartment of space)

I read that wrong and started to think what if my tenant moved out of their apartment, all that free space… that would give me two full bed rooms for crafting or storage, a kitchen for brewing, not even counting the living room and back yard…

and then I realized I still need the rent for mortgage, Oh well. Congratulations on her getting her first place and you getting a crafting space. I am sure the lack of space will come any day now.


I’m also an event florist, we are opening a banquet hall so the tables, chairs, etc are in storage but I have a full size cooler in my garage. I have 6 kids but only one is left at home, so I’ve been taking over to make sure they survive in their own space and just come to visit :wink:

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I think we need to see a photo of that room!!!


wow that is a serious amount of goodies. :slight_smile:

Can you link which one you have, or just post a pic? I’ve been considering some of Ikeas things.
Really wanted to white husky toolbox but I just think its too tall for short little me.

I will take pics soon. We are going to be making an acrylic pour board to put shelves on for the glitter wall. Once I have that up, I’ll take a few pics to share. I feel like for the space given I have it organized pretty well but I’m always open for suggestions. When we remodeled, we knocked into the attic area upstairs and put doors in for extra storage that isn’t heat/cold sensitive so that helps a lot too. So in the closet there’s another door, and for the other side there’s a small access door I can just pull out the things in front easily (on wheels) to get into that side as well, which also works for extra wiring, cables, HVAC access too.

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