Ignore this post... (No, that's not a trick to get you to read it)

Edit Yep - I do feel rather silly. My stated postage includes the pre-checked filter… Please ignore my post…

I’ve just noticed yet another major annoyance as an international buyer: We all know that the price of the glowforge has doubled since preorder days - but apparently, so has shipping! My order status lists that I’ve paid US$561 for shipping two and a half years ago, the “add order” page now lists shipping to Switzerland at US$1019! Now, if that’s the price I’ll have to pay to get warranty repairs, added to my shipping the machine to the US, I’ll pay almost as much for a warranty repair as I paid for the machine in the first place… Looks more and more like GF are actively trying to drive internationals to cancel their orders…

Check if the filter was selected :slight_smile:

Um. Eh. [points to window] is that Halley’s Comet?

Edited my original post to admit to my mistake. Sorry folks :wink:


I think I was tricked into reading this post.
(Telling me to ignore it and saying that it wasn’t a trick was too tricky for me.)